• Guaranteed removal of any virus/malware/spyware – even when your antivirus can’t remove them
  • While we take care of your virus, our deep and thorough inspection over a few hours per day and as many days as necessary to (a)  gather information, (b) analyze it, and (c) plan/implement next steps and repeat from step (a).  This is all designed to spend the quality time to fix your PC properly, advise you, and make it faster and safer — as fast or faster than the day you purchased it and safe enough to protect you from the weakest link in the security chain:  human susceptibility to socially engineered deception by the evil and unethical hackers.   This is a ministry for me.  I hope to educate one person at a time and they in turn can educate others. 
  • Providing you a detailed and professional report of what happened, why it wasn’t detected and how to prevent it from happening again.
  • Follow-up every two weeks (remotely) with a 30-minute “health check” glance — for up to six weeks to make sure the machine remains healthy.  A long-term plan is available at whatever you can afford and never an unreasonable amount. 
  • Optimizing and assuring you are not misconfigured in your software and hardware firewalls, routers, and switches.  Rest easy.  If applicable, I will show you how you are misconfigured and under attack,
  • Doing deep inspection of your Windows event logs looking for errors and warnings that are portents of imminent hardware and software failures, corruption, and unreliable data.
  • Treating your data confidentially, making sure it has integrity (from corruption, unintended mishaps and abuses), and is available for your personal or business needs. 
  • Optimize your graphics display and power management for best performance that matches your PC and how you use it.
  • Check for hardware disk errors,  overheating motherboard and disk drives from poorly built custom computers or poorly designed mainstream ones (HP, Compaq, Dell, etc. – trust me: the class action lawsuits are all out there to prove it), and system bottlenecks from poorly design programs (businesses: I also do software code reviews and show you where your application design is flawed,  if applicable)  — and if desired, I can remedy or recommend how to remove these bottlenecks.
  • Turn on your software firewall and explain why this is important.  Same for automatic Windows updates.
  • Safely update (and teach you how) your Adobe Acrobat/Reader, Flash Player, Shockwave, Java,  Tunes, your browser of choice and how to be pro-active, not reactive.

We also can help you with the following (but prefer to refer you instead to other more qualified engineers companies or individuals):

  • Transferring data to a new or different PC
  • Setting up your new computer
  • Backing up important data
  • Finding lost or deleted data
  • Getting Email Up & Running
  • Learning More About Your PC and/or server

And so much more!

This is all from 40 years of combined engineering experience (30 for Harry, 10 for Andrew) as highly-qualified software engineers, I/T network and security administrators.  

Remember what  (Clint Eastwood said multiple times in ‘Dirty Harry’ movies): “A good man has got to know his limitations!”

We offer worldwide remote support and local support within a 25 mile radius of McKinney, TX.


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