I came to Harry with malware and virus issues. Pop-ups were taking over my online browsing. Harry walked me through what was going on/how it happened, and educated me on how to prevent it from happening again; he even installed some safeguards on my computer. And if similar issues come up or I have questions when downloading something in the future, he will consult me free of charge. Talk about service.
Harry charges about a 1/3 of what Geek Squad does, and provides 3 times the service...
Harry has a customer for life in me and I will sing his praises to everyone I know.

Will B.

I have worked with Harry as a co-worker and also hired him to repair my son's laptop and our personal computer. He is a rarity, an honest person, a true Christian man and he does excellent work. He is knowledgable and professional.

Debbie H.

Mr. Stein's expertise and professionalism superseded my expectations. My computer problems were completely resolved and he went above and beyond by providing education on how to avoid similar problems in the future. I would highly recommend Mr. Stein's service.

Amy W.